‘McGross:’ Viral TikToks expose McDonald’s for ‘nauseating’ meal prep

Jan 20, 2022 / by admin

‘McGross:’ Viral TikToks expose McDonald’s for ‘nauseating’ meal prep

Bah-duh-bah-bah-Nah! — Fast-foodies are not lovin’ this. 

Frozen bricks of presumed pork, reheated store-bought cookies and grease-caked griddles are just a few of the antiheroes features in the “nauseating,” yet trending TikTok series “How McDonald’s food works.”

“I got diarrhea just from watching this,” a repulsed commenter confessed in response to McDonald’s kitchen staffer Isaiah Gilley’s viral video on how the behemoth burger brand prepares its seasonal McRib sandwich

The clip, which has stockpiled a staggering 5.7 million views, follows Gilley as he grabs two iced, rectangular patties out of a deep freezer and tosses them into a meat-press cooking device labeled “McRib Clam,” which is set to a 146-second timer.

Gilley then plops a pair of oval buns into a conveyer belt toaster for warming. Once toasted, he reaches into tubs of pre-sliced topping and dumps small handfuls of onions and pickles onto the bread that’s been placed inside a McRib to-go box. 

Pivoting back to the meat, Gilley yanks two cooked patties out of a warming drawer (it’s unclear whether these are the same patties he initially pressed in the “Clam” at the top of the video), pulls open an adjacent warming drawer filled with barbecue sauce and drowns the meat in the condiment vat.

He then drops the slathered chow onto the bun, closes and flips the box — causing the bottom bun to fall into its rightful place on the sandwich without Gilley having to touch the food with his hands — and gives his creation a cheeky thumbs-up as TikTok’s voiceover feature sarcastically says “Your favorite food.”

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