The Broken Windows for Business Pledge


Having read the concepts of the broken windows for business theory, do hereby pledge the to do the following:

  •  I will pay attention to every detail of my business, especially those that seem insignificant.
  • I will correct any broken windows I find in my business, and I will do so immediately, with no hesitation.
  • I will screen, hire, train, and supervise my employees to notice and correct broken windows in the least amount of time possible.
  • I will treat each customer like the only customer my business has.
  • I will be on constant vigil for signs of Broken Windows Hubris and will be sure never to assume my business is invulnerable.
  • I will mystery shop my own business to discover broken windows I hadn’t noticed before.
  • I will make sure every customer who encounters my business is met with courtesy, efficiency, and a smile.
  • I will exceed my customers’ expectations.
  • I will be sure always to make a positive first impression and will assume that every impression is a first impression.
  • I will make sure that my own wine and telephone customer service representatives do everything possible to solve a customer’s problem perfectly the first time.
  • I will be obsessive and compulsive when it comes to my business.


By entering your first name and email address below, you are committing to relentlessly pursue and implement these Broken Windows Principles into your business.  You will be joining a select group of obsessive and compulsive entrepreneurs.  We will send you a pdf copy of the Broken Windows Pledge that you can have your team sign.  Look forward to having you join our ranks.



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    • "I first heard about this book while reading another book. I thought the principle was interesting. This book hits a grand slam, everything starts with something small and then builds upon something greater. Michael Levine shows how ignoring one small bad thing can/will often lead to a bigger problem. A must have."
      Mustafa Tair Mumin
    • "My boss suggested this as a "life changing business read." He was so right. I can look at so many aspects of the job and know that they need correcting with this book. It's a whole new outlook."
      Mavis Anguiano
    • "Throughout his riveting narrative, Levine cites hundreds of workplace situations which send "signals that no one is watching." At least not consciously, perhaps, but many of them are absorbed and retained in the subconscious mind."
      Robert Morris