A wake-up Call for Owners and Leaders of Businesses!

Once every few years a theory comes along with an insight so penetrating, so powerful – and so simply, demonstrably true – that it instantly changes the way we think and do business…

Broken Windows Broken Business is that book.

Businesses get in trouble when they neglect small problems. If a window in a building is broken and left unrepaired, soon all the windows will be shattered, creating a perception of chaos. The same principle applies to business.

Attention to detail demonstrates corporate competence – and that the company cares about the consumer. Broken windows – and peeling paint, worn carpets, and dirty restrooms – signal that the business doesn’t care.

Here’s some of what we talk about in this interview:
  • What is the Broken Windows Theory – and why does it matter?
  • What are some of the most common Broken Windows in business?
  • What two traits that are required in order to find and repair broken windows?
  • When you identified a broken window, but it’s not something that can be immediately repaired…what should be done?
  • What’s the Magical Piano at Nordstroms? What can others learn from it?
  • Why is it important they don’t have a tip jar?
  • Plus much more.

WARNING: Mr. Levine doesn’t hold back! His honesty is a breath of fresh air in this over-hyped, over-dramatized, world of business strategy. If you’re ready to hear the truth – and okay with being offended by what you hear – then click the play button below.

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    • "I first heard about this book while reading another book. I thought the principle was interesting. This book hits a grand slam, everything starts with something small and then builds upon something greater. Michael Levine shows how ignoring one small bad thing can/will often lead to a bigger problem. A must have."
      Mustafa Tair Mumin
    • "My boss suggested this as a "life changing business read." He was so right. I can look at so many aspects of the job and know that they need correcting with this book. It's a whole new outlook."
      Mavis Anguiano
    • "Throughout his riveting narrative, Levine cites hundreds of workplace situations which send "signals that no one is watching." At least not consciously, perhaps, but many of them are absorbed and retained in the subconscious mind."
      Robert Morris