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How Much Are Broken Windows Costing You?

It's likely FAR more than you think

The worst broken windows are often people.

That means an employee who is not on board with the needs and expectations of the company’s consumers can do immeasurable damage and is a broken window of the most urgent variety.  Bad service is inexcusable.  Bad service, no matter how good the rest of the factors may be, will always sink your business.  Are you ready to have your employees commit to the broken windows principles? If so, click below and review and download the Broken Windows for Businesses Pledge.

People as Broken Windows

People as Broken Windows

Often the worst broken windows are people. Here are practical tips repairing your employee broken windows.

Take the BWBB Pledge

Take the BWBB Pledge

Are you committed to applying the Broken Windows Theory in your business?

An Exclusive  Interview

An Exclusive

Warning: This interview is not for the faint of heart. Mr. Levine doesn't hold back.


  • "I first heard about this book while reading another book. I thought the principle was interesting. This book hits a grand slam, everything starts with something small and then builds upon something greater. Michael Levine shows how ignoring one small bad thing can/will often lead to a bigger problem. A must have."
    Mustafa Tair Mumin
  • "My boss suggested this as a "life changing business read." He was so right. I can look at so many aspects of the job and know that they need correcting with this book. It's a whole new outlook."
    Mavis Anguiano
  • "Throughout his riveting narrative, Levine cites hundreds of workplace situations which send "signals that no one is watching." At least not consciously, perhaps, but many of them are absorbed and retained in the subconscious mind."
    Robert Morris

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